– Rai Fanindra (Tour and Trekking Guide in Nepal) Siddhartha Gautam was born in 623 BC. He became Buddha or enlightened in the age of 35 after the six years of meditation. He became the liberated person for the people through his wisdom. Many people are following the path of Buddha is known as Buddhist and those Buddhist thought, wisdom, morality, iconography and practices are known as Buddhism. So Buddhism covers the vast subject matters of Buddhist followers. Buddhism is the perspective upon the nature and consequences of mind and soul;…

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Trekking in Nepal turns 50

It has indeed been a wonderful first 50 years for trekking in Nepal, but which way forward the country takes will determine its next 50. Robin Marston Fifty years ago in October 1965, three American women traveled in an old jeep over a rough dirt road to the eastern end of the Kathmandu Valley. Accompanied by a team of Sherpas, the trio then began a four-week walk-in to the foot of Mount Everest. Thus began commercial trekking in Nepal. Until 1950 Nepal was closed to foreigners. British climbers seeking access to Mt Everest turned…

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